Return of the king


He’s back!
After a hellish few weeks of VISA issues, Ryu will be returning to the mid-lane this Thursday.

“Due to the Syrian refugee crisis in Germany, obtaining working VISAs has proved to be a particularly difficult and lengthy process. While possible shortcuts were available and recommended to us, we believe that we have taken the only legally appropriate route to sorting out a proper working VISA for Ryu.” – Richard Wells

Though it’s been very tough without Ryu, the team still managed to go 5-1 without him, thanks to the presence of Echo Fox mid-laner Selfie, stepping in. Everyone at H2K would like to thank Marcin for his time with the team. We greatly appreciate his services in this tough time and we hope the journey was a worthwhile experience for him as he heads back to his parent organisation.

We would also like to again thank Rick Fox, Khalid Jones and everyone else at the Echo Fox organisation for being so generous and cooperative during this tough time.

We now look forward to this week’s matches as we take on Vitality and Origen! #H2KWIN

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