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Hi Guys and Gals!

We’re are pleased to announce our coaching staff ahead of IEM Cologne!

Be honest, you thought he was gone didn’t you?

Returning as Head Coach is everyone’s favorite import, pr0lly! After a fantastic debut season with H2K including qualification for the World Championships and winning the Coach of the Split award in Spring, the sky is the limit for pr0lly and his charges. It was very difficult to look past pr0lly when considering options going forward for the Head Coach position, as we believe him to be the very best in the business. He built a great understanding with the players and possesses an excellent strategic mind. We are very excited to see what he can achieve with the new roster!

However this time around, he will not be alone in Cologne. Former Origin analyst, Michael ‘Veteran‘ Archer, will be taking the role of team analyst in Germany. Veteran has a wealth of experience working with top teams and some of the smartest minds in the scene. We believe his strong voice and tactical knowledge will add a great deal of value to the team.   

Though the team will have very limited time to practice ahead of the event, we believe that with assistance of our support staff, we can still put up a good showing!

Wish us luck in Cologne!

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  1. WakeMeUp
    | Reply

    I <3 Pr0lly

  2. 5point5k
    | Reply

    pr0lly left h2k hoping hed get new offers then he realized hes not a good coach lol

  3. elvis
    | Reply

    Welcome back

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