H2K Sign KaSing!

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We are very pleased to announce that Raymond “kaSing” Tsang has joined H2K and will be filling the support role left by the departing Erih “Voidle” Sommermann.

The team felt a change was needed due to internal clashes of both opinion and strategy. As a result, it was felt that a bigger, clearer voice was needed in the support role.

The team see Erih as a good guy and a strong player, but just felt that this change would round off the issues that the team was having. Erih has a lot of experience and a high level of skill and we expect to see him on a strong team in the very near future. Everyone at H2K wishes him the best of luck and thanks him for his time!

The guys were universal in their choice of replacement. Raymond has previously shown very strong performances in the LCS for Supa Hot Crew and has a strong vocal, in game presence. Hjarnan has been somewhat of a sleeping giant and the team feels that we now finally have the balance for all members of the group to truly excel.

You can catch Raymond’s first game in the LCS this Thursday against Roccat!

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